Does the nabi DreamTab Come with Parental Controls?

Padlock with KeyParental controls are very important for any parent who wants to be able to make sure that their children don’t get exposed to inappropriate material on the internet. Controls can also be used to do things such as limit the amount of time children spend on a tablet; even if the tablet is intended to be used for educational purposes, children should still spend time doing other things too.

The nabi DreamTab does come with parental controls as standard. The DreamTab comes with two modes, nabi Mode, which is the one children use, and Mommy/Daddy Mode, which is password protected.

In nabi Mode, children have access to all parent-approved games, apps and content. Parents can add apps to the tablet from such as Google Play or the Amazon Appstore in Mommy/Daddy Mode, but these will not be available in nabi Mode for children until added by the parent.

Parents can also limit and monitor the amount of time that children spend on the tablet. They can also set time rewards, allowing children to earn extra time on the tablet, as well as give children nabi Coins which can be used to buy nabi approved content in Treasure Chest.

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