Does the nabi DreamTab Have Any Educational Uses?

EducationEducational uses are often stated to be the primary reason why parents buy children a tablet – even if later on entertainment and games become more important. Whether or not a tablet has educational capabilities is therefore important.

The majority of Android tablets have access to content from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore and both of these stores have both free and paid apps that are either implicitly or explicitly designed with education in mind. Other educational apps can be found in other app stores as well. The nabi DreamTab is an Android tablet and does have access to Google Play, so it can download such educational apps.

This is not the DreamTab’s primary way of providing educational content though. The DreamTab also comes with the Wings Learning System, which is part of nabi’s Blue Morpho OS overlay, and which has a host of educational features built-in and allows parents to monitor and improve their child’s educational progress.

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