Does the nabi DreamTab have Wifi, and is it Needed for the Tablet to Work?

WiFiWiFi is an important function for any tablet. In fact, it is absolutely essential for a tablet to have WiFi if it is going to be usable. WiFi is a wireless communication method, one that is far more important than Bluetooth or NFC, that allows a tablet to use the internet and, with ports, is one of the two primary communication methods that tablets use.

The nabi DreamTab naturally comes with WiFi. Although WiFi is essential for a tablet to function, it isn’t needed all the time for it to work. There are some features, such as streaming video, videochatting, surfing the internet and playing online games, which do require constant access to the internet, but many apps and other content, such as ebooks and downloaded video, will work perfectly well without WiFi being available. In such cases, it is recommended to turn the WiFi off in order to increase battery life. This is most important when away from sources of power, which also tend to be when there is no internet connection for the WiFi to use anyway.

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