What are the Treasure Box, Chore List and nabi Coins on the nabi DreamTab?

Treasure Box IconThe nabi DreamTab comes with something called the Treasure Box, which is also linked to the Chore List and nabi Coins, so just what is this feature?

To start with, the Treasure Box is a curated app store for children. All the content in it (unlike that in general app stores, such as Google Play) has been specially selected to be appropriate for children. This content includes games, apps and child-safe movies and TV shows. Children can buy the content form this store themselves, but using nabi Coins, not real cash.

nabi Coins are a digital currency that parents can buy, using real money through the parental controls (children cannot buy the Coins themselves) and then give to their child. These Coins can be given for achieving educational goals in the Wings Learning System, or through completing tasks on the Chore List.

The Chore List comprises of tasks that the parents set up that children should do. These tasks can be assigned to specific days – there is a week-long calendar – and, when a child successfully completes one, they will get a reward of nabi Coins, the number being determined by the parent. Chores can be anything; brushing teeth, cleaning their room and helping around the house are some examples.

Combines, these allow a parent to reward and encourage good behaviour in their child with something that has value to them, but without having necessitating actually offering real money.

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