Can Children Play Games on the nabi DreamTab?

Game ControllerEducational reasons are often stated as being a major factor as to why parents buy tablets for their children, but they are not the only factor and entertainment, including games. Parents can also reward their children with games, or the time to play them, for such as completing various goals.

Games are available to play on the nabi DreamTab. These come from a number of sources. Both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore are prime sources of games and other content for Android tablets, but they are not the only ones. Nabi’s own App Zone and Treasure Box are other sources of content and the tablet does come with some content pre-installed.

Using the parental controls in Mommy/Daddy Mode, parents can control just what games their children have access to. Only pre-approved for children content is available for children themselves to buy, and this cannot be purchased by them with real money, only by using nabi Coins which the parents themselves buy and then make available for their children to use as and when they wish.

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