What is the nabi Elev-8’s Blue Morpho OS Overlay?

Blue Morpho OS OverlayOne of the things that the nabi Elev-8 tablet comes with is the Blue Morpho OS overlay. So, what is this?

Blue Morpho is an addition to the standard Android operating system – an “overlay” – that the tablet runs on that is created by nabi. It involves a number of different features – over 400 according to nabi – that are kid-friendly and parent approved. These are as follows:

The Wings Learning System is a curriculum of over 300,000 questions running from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. It covers fundamentals in reading, writing and maths and adjusts automatically to a child’s skill level.

nabi Pass was a subscription service that cost $4.99 per month, although the Elev-8 came with 6 months free. It had apps, games, ebooks, videos, movies, music and television. This is no longer available, having been discontinued on December 4th 2017.

Time Controls allows a parent to see how their child is using the tablet, and how much time they are spending on different activities and apps. The parent can also adjust how much time the child is allowed to spend doing things, including rewarding educational activities with an increase in screen time for non-educational uses.

Dual Modes allows a child to use the tablet in nabi Mode where they can access content that their parent has approved. Parent Mode allows a parent to control what their child can do and access and the Elev-8 will also function like a regular Android tablet in this mode.

nabi Coins, Chore List and Treasure Chest are a way of rewarding children. nabi Coins are a digital currency, which parents can reward their children with by performing tasks on their Chore List. These Coins can then be used to purchase from Treasure Box, an app store curated for children.

Dream Pro Studio is an art app that allows children to draw, animate and create movies.

nabi Utilities helps children tell the time, find out the time in other time zones and find out what the weather is.

nabi Konnect and nabi Friends enable a child to send text message and emails to parent-approved friends and family members, as well as share and edit photos.

Wishlist is a window shopping app that has over 200,000 children’s toys of all types. Children can add items to their wishlist, allowing people to buy presents that the child wants, and these can also be purchased with nabi Coins.

Blue Morpho OS is essentially a heavy modification of Android to improve its suitability for children, incorporating things such as education and parental controls into a coherent whole.