The nabi Elev-8 has NFC, so What is It?

Near Field CommunicationAlthough all tablets come with WiFi, which is essential for their operation, and a smaller number come with Bluetooth, which enables them to communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices, very few of them comes with NFC, which is another communication method.

NFC is Near Field Communication and the nabi Elev-8 comes with it. NFC allows the tablet to communicate with another device that also have NFC. NFC is very close range communication, having a range of only 4cm. Using it, two devices can exchange information without using WiFi, Bluetooth or a physical connection. As it is short range, it is more secure that the first two – one of its primary uses is in contactless payment methods – and easier to do than the third, although it is very low-speed.

NFC will only work with another device that has this and, outside of nabi tablets, it is most commonly found in smartphones. It is an interesting third method of wireless communication but not essential.