Does the nabi Elev-8 Have Parental Controls?

Padlock with KeyParents are often concerned about just what their children might be exposed to when they are using the internet. Parental controls are how a parent ensures that their children neither see content that they shouldn’t nor overuse the tablet itself.

The nabi Elev-8 does come with parental controls as standard. These are provided by nabi themselves.

Parents can control the amount of time that their children spend on their tablet, going down to specific time spent on individual apps or app groupings. If the child spends time on educational apps, they can be rewarded with more playtime.

The tablet itself comes with dual modes. In the password protected Parent Mode, the tablet functions like a full Android tablet and parents can add apps to the tablet using Google Play.

In nabi Mode, the child can only access to apps, games and web content that their parent has approved.

Using the Chore List, parents can reward their child with nabi Coins, a virtual currency, for completing various chores. These Coins can then be redeemed in the Treasure Box, a curated app store where all the content is suitable for children.

The various parental controls and options are all built into the Blue Morpho OS overlay.