Does the nabi Elev-8 Run on Android?

Android LogoThe Android operating system is one of the two most popular systems found on portable devices, including tablets (the other being Apple’s proprietary iOS). A tablet that runs Android will usually have access to a far greater amount of content, free and paid, from app stores such as Google Play.

The nabi Elev-8 does run Android, using 5.1 Lollipop. This is not the standard version of 5.1 though; it is a heavily modified version, running nabi’s proprietary Blue Morpho OS Overlay.

This overlay comes with a variety of features intended to make the tablet kid friendly, over 400 according to Fuhu. These are the Wings Learning System, nabi Pass (now discontinued), Time Controls, Dual Modes (which allow the tablet to be used as a regular Android tablet by adults), nabi Coins, Chore List & Treasure Box, Dream Pro Studio, nabi Utilities, nabi Konnect & nabi Friends and Wishlist.