Does the LeapFrog Epic Have Any Parental Controls?

Padlock with KeyBeing able to prevent their child from accessing unsuitable content is a primary concern for parents, and that is where parental controls come in.

LeapFrog tablets are known for having strong parental controls, so strong they limit access to almost everything, and the LeapFrog Epic is no exception. However, the parental controls on the Epic are more flexible than those on other LeapFrog tablets.

Out of the box, the Epic has the typical parental controls of a LeapFrog tablet. Only sites deemed suitable and age-appropriate can be visited by a child using the tablet, and the built-in search engine, LeapSearch, will only allow those to be found. Only LeapFrog approved apps can be downloaded from the LeapFrog App Centre.

The flexibility is that parents can now add other websites and URLs themselves to the approved list and, if desired, unlock a full web browser using the controls. The ability to install the Amazon Appstore also increases the content available, so that apps and games not available from LeapFrog can also be installed.

As well as having control over the web content and apps, parents can also control how much time a child can spend on the tablet, adjusting the total time it can be used for and between what hours it will work, with different settings possible for weekends and weekdays. The age of the child can also be set, which limits the content to what LeapFrog has decided to be age-appropriate.