Can Children Play Games on the LeapFrog Epic?

Game ControllerParents may not intend that games be the primary reason why they buy a tablet for their child but there is no question that, at some point, games will come into it, whether these be educational or otherwise.

The LeapFrog Epic can download approved games, many of which are educational in nature, from the LeapFrog App Centre. These are all games that have been approved for use by children by LeapFrog, and include such as Disney branded games and popular Android apps. It will not, however, take any of LeapFrog’s cartridges, as it lacks a cartridge slot.

Although Google Play cannot be accessed via the Epic, the Amazon Appstore can be installed. This gives parents access to more games, both free and paid, to install on the tablet. Parents will need to exercise their own discretion when choosing games from the Appstore naturally.

The Epic also supports peer-to-peer gaming over local WiFi, and this can be enabled or disabled using the parental controls.