Can the Amazon Appstore be Installed on the LeapFrog Epic?

Amazon Appstore LogoThe Amazon Appstore is one of the largest app stores for Android devices, possibly second to Google Play, and possibly the second largest app store overall.

The LeapFrog Epic does not come with Google Play, nor can that be installed on the tablet but, although the Amazon Appstore doesn’t come pre-installed, it can be installed on the Epic if the parent desires.

To install the Appstore, parents go into parental controls and choose “Other” in the App Centre (which, if it isn’t visible, will require a firmware update). There is a warning that using a third-party app store provides access to apps that haven’t been checked by LeapFrog and may be unsuitable for children.

Security settings will need updating to allow installation, and parents can disable things such as microtransactions. Any apps downloaded from Amazon have a different appearance to those from the LeapFrog App Centre, and children themselves do not have access to the Appstore, only parents do, who will need to download and vet the apps themselves.

Access to the Amazon Appstore provides a much greater selection of games and other content than is available from LeapFrog, much of it free.