Does the Dragon Touch Y88X Have a Protective Case?

Protective CaseWhen buying your child a tablet, it’s always important to keep in mind that, at some point, it is quite probable that they are going to drop it. At which point a protective case of some description is important, to reduce the chances of the tablet, especially the screen, being broken in the fall.

The Dragon Touch Y88X does come with a with a protective silicone bumper. This bumper protects the back and edges of the tablet, including the front edges, with additional strengthening at the corners – the point that is most likely to result in the screen being broken in a fall – and cut-outs for the various ports and cameras the tablet has.

The silicone case also comes in different colours, such as light blue, green, red and pink.

Additional protection can also be obtained by adding accessories such as screen protectors which help stop the screen from being scratched.