Can Children Play Games on the Dragon Touch Y88X?

Game ControllerAlthough many tablets may be bought for their children for educational uses, they are rarely used solely for that in the long run. Entertainment, particularly games, can quickly become a secondary (or, perhaps, primary) use of a children’s tablet. Being able to access games can therefore be an important consideration.

There are two main types of games. The first are those games that are intended to make learning fun. The second are those that are only intended to be played for entertainment.

The Dragon Touch Y88X is an Android tablet, and one that has access to the full Android ecosystem, including app stores such as Google’s Play Store. This gives it access to a wide range of education and fun games, both free and paid. Appropriate content is also available through the Zoodles app, which provides the parental controls, and includes educational games that adapt to a child’s age and skill level.

The children’s version of the Plus tablet also comes with more content as standard.