Does the Dragon Touch Y88X Have a Camera?

Tablet CameraCameras are an important part of tablets in today’s world. They allow children to shoot their own pictures and videos and also allow the ability to do things such as video chat with relatives who live some distance away. Some apps and games also require cameras in order to function properly. Cameras are therefore an important part of any tablet.

The Dragon Touch Y88X comes with two cameras, one front facing and one rear. It is not actually clear what resolution these cameras are, as Tablet Express, the manufacturers, do not seem to disclose them anywhere. A direct inquiry to the company resulted in three different answers. Two said that the rear facing camera was 5 megapixels and the front 0.3 MP. The other said both cameras were 2 MP.

Going by this, it seems quite likely that the front facing camera is 0.3 megapixels in resolution, as that is a not uncommon, but these days comparatively poor, resolution for the less important front facing camera. If the rear facing camera is actually 5.0MP in resolution this is better by far than anything comparable, as 2.1MP is normally about the highest resolution for a rear facing camera. Consequently, it cannot be stated for definite what the resolutions of the two cameras are.