What Accessories Are Available for the Dragon Touch Y88X?

Smartphone with a Broken ScreenAlthough a tablet may be good in itself, it can always be useful to get accessories for it, to expand the protection and uses available. This doesn’t include apps, which can expand a tablet’s capabilities, but is rather actual physical accessories. One of the most useful accessory packs for the Dragon Touch Y88X is the TabSuit pack.

Although TabSuit doesn’t contain many accessories – in fact, it contains three identical ones – these are screen protectors for the tablet, which are very useful. The Y88X does come with a protective bumper, which can reduce the chances of damage if it is dropped, but the bumper does not actually protect the screen’s surface. The screen of a tablet may be scratched, which at the very least is annoying to look at. Using a screen protector solves this; rather than the screen being damaged, at worst the protector will be, which can always be replaced. This is something that it’s best to buy before damage happens, not afterwards, when it’s too late.

Another useful accessory is a protective case. Some are available with carrying handles and integral stands, others can be found that are complete, small, bags for carrying the tablet around in.