Does the LeapFrog Epic Have any Educational Uses?

EducationParents often say they are buying a tablet for their children for educational uses, so whether or not a tablet can actually be used in such a way is important in these cases.

LeapFrog tablets have, as their primary use, learning, and the LeapFrog Epic is no exception to this. Educational and educator approved games and other content can be downloaded from the LeapFrog App Centre. Using LeapFrog’s Just for Me™, some games are also tailored to a child, adjusting to their age and educational level. Parents can therefore tailor their child’s educational needs, as different profiles can be set up on the tablet, so a child gets their own experience. The educational games are also intended to be fun.

LeapFrog games can be pricey, but the Epic also allows parents to install the Amazon Appstore on it. More educational games can be found here as well. These may not be tailored to their child specifically, or even educator approved, but they do tend to be cheaper. Parents will have to judge any educational games downloaded from here themselves as to how suitable they are for their child.

The LeapFrog Epic is most suited to being used as an educational tablet, rather than as a more general one.