What is Amazon’s ‘Worry Free’ Guarantee that the Fire 7 Kids Edition Comes With?

GuaranteeChildren being children, it is not unknown for them to drop a tablet. Even though protective bumpers intended to reduce the chances of damage in such cases tend to be standard for children’s tablets, these aren’t totally guaranteed to stop a tablet from being damaged if it is dropped on a hard surface. It certainly won’t help if it is dropped into water.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition comes with what Amazon call a two year “worry-free” guarantee. So, what does this actually cover? Well, it’s stated that the guarantee covers electrical and mechanical problems with the tablet, as well as accidental damage should the child break the tablet, by dropping it for example. Amazon say that they will repair, replace or refund the tablet if it is broken. This guarantee is stated to cover anything that happens to the tablet. This level of cover is not found in may children’s tablets, and two years is better than most ordinary guarantees which generally only last for one year. This does only apply to the tablet being used by children; commercial usage will invalidate the guarantee for example.