How Much Memory Does the All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Have?

Memory CardThe amount of storage that a tablet has is possibly one of the most important technical elements, especially as camera resolution improves and therefore file size of photos and videos increases. There are two main types of storage, internal and external. Internal is more important than external, as the operating system is stored on it, which results in less space to store other files, and at least part of the memory, and in some cases all of it, every app takes up has to use internal storage. External storage, through such as memory cards, is most suited to downloaded and created content such as photos, videos and ebooks.

The All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition comes with 16 gigabytes (GB) of internal storage, which is still above what many children’s tablets have, as 8 GB is still common. It also takes memory cards, and will take them up to 256 GB in size, far larger than the average. The internal memory is decent and there aren’t many children’s tablets with more internal storage.