Does the Fire 7 Kids Edition Have a Memory Card Slot?

Memory Card SlotAs tablets become more capable technologically, as the size of games and apps increases and as camera resolutions improve, increasing the size of photo and video files, having enough storage space becomes increasingly important. Internal memory is one area, as this is required to run apps and the actual operating system, but other files, especially photos and videos but also including parts of apps and ebooks for example, can be stored on an external memory card.

These cards are used with a microSD card slot built into tablets. The Fire 7 Kids Edition does come with a micro SD card slot, and this will take memory cards up to 256 gigabytes (GB) in size – well above the more typical 32 GB of most tablets. Although this extra storage will not help for certain items that require storage on the tablet itself, it helps a lot with storing those which don’t. Children are going to have to take a lot of photos and videos before a 256 GB memory card is used up.