Does the nabi Elev-8 Have WiFi?

WiFiWiFi is the major single communication method that is absolutely essential for tablets. The ability to connect to the internet is needed for a whole range of features that tablets use, and this is done by WiFi. Although larger devices may have other methods, such as wired connections, this is not seen in small, portable devices.

The nabi Elev-8 does, naturally, come with WiFi as standard. Although an internet connection may not be necessary all of the time, it is essential for some things. Once content has been downloaded to the tablet it can usually be used without access to the internet as well, excluding such as games that are played over the internet. The increasing number of wireless hotspots mean that the internet can often be connected to on the move as well.

As well as WiFi, the Elev-8 also comes with Bluetooth and NFC.