Tablet Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids versus Orbo Jr

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite KidsThe Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids and the Orbo Jr are both 7″ tablets designed for children, so what are the differences between the two? Each tablet comes with a 7″ touchscreen at an identical resolution of 1024×600 pixels. Each tablet also comes with a protective bumper intended to reduce the chance of damage if the tablet is dropped; that of the Orbo comes in several colours whilst that of the Samsung only comes in light green.

Both tablets run the Android operating system with the Orbo Jr having 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box and the Samsung the more recent 4.4 Kitkat. Each tablet also has access to Google Play; the Samsung also has access to content through the subscription-based Samsung Kids.

The Samsung has double the internal memory of the Orbo, 8 gigabytes (GB) to the Orbo’s 4GB. Both tablets also have a memory card slot which will allow the memory to be increased using memory cards up to 32 GM in size.

The Orbo has dual speakers whilst the Samsung only has one. Each also has a microphone and a headphone jack. The Samsung comes with a single, rear facing 2.0 megapixel (MP) camera whilst the Orbo has two cameras, a rear facing 2.0 MP and a front facing 1.3 MP.

Both tablets have WiFi and a micro USB port, but the Samsung also comes with Bluetooth. The processor is a quad core whilst that on the Orbo is only a dual core. The Samsung comes with parental controls linked to the Samsung Kids subscription service whilst the Orbo lacks any parental controls as standard. The lack of parental controls on the Orbo means that third party controls will need installing or children will have access to the full range of Android apps.

With the exception of the camera, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids is faster, more powerful and more capable than the Orbo. The smaller internal memory on the Jr is also a bigger problem than these days. The battery life of the Samsung is probably longer than that of the Jr, although actual battery life is heavily tied into tablet usage.