Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids come with Parental Controls?

Padlock with KeyParents want to know just what their children are accessing on the internet and prevent their access to unsuitable material, and this is where parental controls come in. These are designed to help parents control just what their children can do online.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids comes with parental controls as standard. The parental controls are protected by a PIN, allowing the parent to access and modify them, but not the child. Parents can see what their child has been doing on the tablet in terms of the amount of time spent. A total time limit can be set, as well as separate time limits for games and books; if a parent wants their child to use the tablet more for reading, this can be done.

Samsung Kids is a subscription service, which comes with three months included, and blocks ads, in-app purchasing and allows the parent to select suitable app categories. It comes with age appropriate content which will adjust to the child’s age, in a range of apps (in addition to those that can be purchased or downloaded from Google Play). It will also show what areas a child has been studying in the past week as well as the total amount of time spent playing.