Why Buy a Tablet Designed for Children?

nabi Elev-8With all the many different tablets available, such as Amazon Kindles, Google Nexus and Apple iPads, to name just a few popular varieties without even going into the different models that may be available, you may be wondering why you should look into getting a tablet designed for children.

There are a few reasons why you would want to consider buying a tablet designed specifically for children, rather than one of the more general ones. Some children’s tablets may not have some of the facilities of some of the more popular mainstream tablets, such as the iPad, Nexus and Kindle Fire ranges, but they should definitely be looked at.

The Price

Children’s tablets are, in general, more competitively priced. They are certainly cheaper than tablets such as the iPad and comparables, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars each. Those aimed at children are, in many cases, under $100. Even the more expensive ones tend to be under $200.

Strengthened Construction

Children’s tablets often have increased durability. Kids being kids, it is quite likely that they will damage the tablet by accident, and some of the major tablets are fragile enough that adults are quite likely to damage them if they are not protected in some way – and, in some cases, even if they are.

Children’s tablets can come with strengthened cases, reducing the chance of accidental damage, and at the very least they will usually come with something that will protect the edges of a tablet against knocks, such as bumpers protecting the edges of the tablets, as knocking the edges is one of the easiest ways to break the screen. Other improvements include things such as greater protection against spills – if a drink is knocked over, a specially designed tablet may have increased protection from liquid damage.

Damage to an iPad can easily cost $100 or more to repair, often much more – that’s more than many children’s tablets actually cost – and that’s by getting a third party to replace the screen, something that will probably invalidate the guarantee for the product itself. Apple may replace the tablet, but that will cost even more, although not as much as a new one would cost.

Better Parental Controls

Any parent whose child accesses the internet is, rightfully, concerned about what their child will be exposed to. There are many sites, images and videos that are not appropriate, in one way or another, for children to see. There are apps available that will help control a child’s access to the internet, but a common theme is kid safe parental controls built in. These tend to vary in how comprehensive they are and, in many cases, can be turned off with the parent’s account, allowing the parent to use it like a full tablet.

Improved Educational Capabilities

There are many different educational apps around, but these can vary in quality and price. Some of the children’s tablets available are designed specifically for educational use, rather than for entertainment. There is little worry in these cases that your child will gain access to inappropriate content, as these tablets tend to severely limit access to inappropriate websites. They can also adjust as your child progresses in education, with specially designed apps and courses designed to make education fun.