Tablet Comparison: Dragon Touch Y88X vs. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids

Dragon Touch Y88XThe Dragon Touch Y88X and Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids (not to be confused with the regular Dragon Touch Y88X Plus) are both 7″ children’s tablets from Tablet Express, so what are the differences between these two quite similar tablets? Each has a touchscreen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels and each comes with a protective silicone case with strengthened corners in several colours which is intended to reduce the chance of damage to the tablet if it is dropped. The Y88X Plus Kids case also comes with an adjustable stand.

Both tablets are Android tablets, but the standard Y88X runs 4.4 KitKat whilst the Y88X Plus Kids runs the newer 5.1 Lollipop. Each has access to the Android content network.

Both come with 8 gigabytes of internal memory but the Y88X Plus Kids comes with 1GB of RAM, double the fairly low 512 megabytes of the Y88X. Both tablets have a micro SD card slot which allow the tablet’s storage to be expanded by using memory cards up to 32GB in size. Each also has a quad core processor and a micro USB port. The Y88X Plus Kids also comes with Bluetooth, allowing it to wirelessly connect to suitable devices.

Each tablet has a front facing and a rear facing camera. The rear facing camera on the Plus Kids is 2.0 megapixels; it is not known what the front is, but it is probably less and 0.3MP is likely. The resolution of the cameras on the Y88X is even more uncertain, due to contradictory claims by the manufacturer. The front camera is probably 0.3MP but the rear facing camera has been claimed to have a resolution of 5.0MP which seems unlikely. Each also has speakers, a headphone jack and microphone.

Both tablets come with parental controls; those on the Y88X are provided through the Zoodles app whilst those on the Y88X Plus Kids come from Kidoz Playground. The latter tablet also comes with free Disney content that would cost an amount similar to the price of the tablet if purchased separately.

The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids is an improvement on Tablet Express’ popular, but somewhat flawed, Y88X tablet. It has less of the problems than the first, but is a bit more expensive as a result; however, of the two the Y88X Plus Kids is definitely the better tablet and it would probably be a better choice. In both cases, though, Tablet Express’ support seems less than brilliant, especially as they don’t seem to know the actual specifications of their tablets.