How Much Memory Does the Tagital T7K Have?

Memory CardThe amount of memory that a tablet has is becoming increasingly important. The resolution of cameras is increasing, which means that the file size of photos and videos is also increasing. Apps are generally becoming larger and more are needed, and the features built into a tablet also take up more space. As a result, the amount of memory has is very important.

The Tagital T7K comes with 8 gigabytes of internal memory, which is a bit on the low side now. It does have a memory card slot, which means that storage can be increased, but this is mostly useful for such as photos, videos and downloaded content. All of the Android OS has to be stored on the tablet’s memory, and most or all of any app as well. This means that the amount of internal memory for new content is lower than might be expected. There are still quite a few tablets with similar amounts of memory, but newer ones are trending higher in their internal memory.