Does the Tagital T7K Have a Camera?

Tablet CameraCameras are an increasingly important element when it comes to tablets and other mobile devices. They allow photos and videos to be taken, can be used with some games and can also be used to cheaply videochat over the internet with distant friends and family through such as Skype. The quality of cameras is also improving (which does mean that the size of the resulting photos and videos is increasing, making internal memory and memory cards increasingly important).

The Tagital T7K does come with two cameras, one front facing and one rear, with cut-outs in the protective case for them. The front facing camera is 0.3 megapixel (MP) and the rear facing one is 2.0 MP. The front facing camera is on the low end of poor when it comes to modern camera resolutions, and really isn’t suitable for much more than videochatting. The rear facing camera has a fairly typical resolution for a children’s tablet; it is on the low end, with tablets generally not having resolutions lower than 2.0 MP for their rear cameras, but very few tablets have cameras that are significantly better either.