Does the Tagital T7K Have Any Educational Uses?

EducationOften parents will state that educational reasons are the primary reason for buying a tablet, although they may not want to get a dedicated, and often fairly inflexible, educational tablet.

The Tagital T7K does have educational uses. The Zoodles app, which is used for the parental controls, has a collection of learning apps, games, videos and books integrated into it, all selected for children by educational experts. Parents can customise and keep track of their child’s progress in Zoodles through the parent’s dashboard. Zoodles also configures the content available to children to ensure that it is suitable for their age.

For parents willing to spend a bit of time themselves looking for educational content, the T7K is an Android tablet with access to Google Play and, as a consequence, has access to hundreds of thousands of different apps, games, programmes, ebooks and other content. This will require more effort on a parent’s part, as they will have to determine what content they think is most suitable for their child.

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