Does the Tagital 7″ T7K Have Parental Controls?

Padlock with KeyParents are rightly concerned about just what material their children may come across on the internet, so in order to keep their children safe online, and make sure parents have control over what they can do or have access to, parental controls are a must.

The Tagital 7″ T7K does come with parental controls, via the Zoodles app. Zoodles comes with Kid Mode and a child friendly interface, as well as providing educational content, videos, books and games. Children are unable to leave Kid Mode without parental approval. Kid Mode automatically adjusts content to a child’s age and skill level, and it will also sync across multiple devices. Children are blocked from accessing other content.

Zoodles can measure a child’s learning progress (a premium feature), allowing parents, in the Parent Dashboard (on the Zoodles site), to see their progress. The Parent Dashboard allows a parent to customise and control their child’s activities. Parents can also add apps to Kid Mode, allowing regular Android apps to be used by their children,