Can Google Play be used on the Tagital T7K?

Google Play LogoThe Google Play store is probably the largest appstore around, having hundreds of thousands of games, ebooks, movies, videos and other content available on it, from educational to fun and from free to paid. If a tablet can install Google Play, it has access to a huge amount of content. There are other appstores, from large ones such as the Amazon Appstore and Apple’s, to smaller ones, often curated by tablet manufacturers, but Google Play is still probably the biggest.

The Tagital T7K is an Android tablet and, as such, does have access to Google Play. This is not always the case, as not every Android tablet either comes with or can install Google Play, at least not without a degree of tweaking. However, the T7K is one that has Google Play. Parents can still make sure, through the parental controls, just what content their children have access to through the store, rather than children being given unrestricted access to the store themselves.