Does the Tagital 7″ T7K Have a Protective Case?

Protective CaseThere is always a chance that children will, at some point whilst using a tablet, accidentally drop it. Tablets are not always the sturdiest things when they are dropped, especially if they are dropped onto a hard surface, which makes breakage, especially of the screen, a definite possibility.

One way of reducing the chance of damage if the tablet is dropped is through the use of a protective bumper. The Tagital 7″ T7K does come with a protective bumper, with cut-outs for the various ports and cameras. The bumper is strengthened at the corners, as tablet screens are especially vulnerable to damage if they are hit on the corner, and the bumper is made from soft silicone and comes in two different colours, blue and pink.

Protective bumpers do not completely eliminate the chance of damage to a tablet, but they do reduce it. Other ways of reducing damage are by purchasing screen protectors, transparent plastic films that reduce the likelihood of scratched to the tablet’s screen, and carrying cases, for when more protection is needed.