Can Google Play be used on the Sprout Channel Cubby?

Google Play LogoGoogle Play is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sources of apps for mobile devices around, the other two major ones being the Amazon Appstore and the Apple App Store. The Apple store is only for iOS devices, whilst both Google’s and Amazon’s run on Android. Access to Google Play means that a huge number of apps, and other content including books, music, movies and television, not just games, is available to install, much of it for free.

The Sprout Channel Cubby is an Android tablet, but this in itself does not necessarily mean that it can have Google Play installed on it. In the Cubby’s case, it comes with Google Play, allowing access to this content. Should a parent be concerned about what apps are installed on the Cubby, they can manage them using the parental controls. To add apps from Google Play, Cubby Mode needs to be exited and the parental mode entered.