Does the Sprout Channel Cubby have Parental Controls?

Padlock with KeyIn today’s online world, parents always want to make sure that their children are protected, and that they can limit just how much time is spent on their tablet. This is where the parental controls come in.

The Sprout Channel Cubby comes with parental controls built-in. These are accessed through the Parental Dashboard, which is accessed through the home screen, and is password protected, so that children can’t access it.

The controls allow a parent to determine which apps appear in Cubby Mode – which is the mode that children see. Removed apps are still installed, but not available in Cubby Mode. Videos can be adjusted in the same way, as can online games.

Parents can also select which websites can be visited in Cubby Mode, and add or remove sites. There is also a time limits section, where a parent can adjust how much time each day a child can spend on the tablet (each child can have a separate account), or adjust it so that it only works for them during certain time periods. Cubby Mode itself can be adjusted.