Does the Sprout Channel Cubby have a Protective Case?

Protective CaseKids being kids – and, for that matter, adults being adults – tablets can be dropped, putting them at risk, for they are comparatively fragile in their construction. As such, it helps to have some chance of reducing the possible damage a tablet could suffer from being dropped, especially onto a hard surface, such as the floor.

The Sprout Channel Cubby does come with a silicone protective bumper, available in green. The bumper has been designed so that it does not block access to the various ports, controls and cameras on the tablet. However, the bumper does not cover as much of the tablet as is usually the case in a child’s tablet. It covers both short sides, being larger at each of the four corners which are the areas where tablets are most vulnerable to damage, but it doesn’t cover most of the two longer sides, or most of the back. To protect the screen, a screen protector is always a good extra to purchase.