What Ports Does the Contixo Kids LA703 Have?

Tablet PortsPorts are how tablets are charged, plug into other devices and have their capabilities expanded. Ports are therefore an important feature on any tablet.

The Contixo Kids LA703 comes with a number of ports, and other built-in features. It has a Micro USB port, through which the tablet can be charged or attached to desktop or laptop computers. There is a DC power port for standard charging from mains power. It has a Micro SD Card slot, which allows the available memory to be expanded. It also has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, so that headphones can be plugged in so that children can enjoy whatever they are listening to without everyone else having to listen to it as well.

In addition, it has cameras, a built in microphone and built in stereo speakers – the latter for when the headphones aren’t a necessity.