Does the Contixo Kids LA703 have Parental Controls?

Padlock with KeyBeing able to control what your child can and cannot access on the internet is an increasing concern for parents these days, especially as kids want their own tablets and internet-capable devices.

The Contixo Kids LA703‘s parental controls are through a pre-installed app called Zoodles. Zoodles has a parental dashboard that allows a parent to customise the tablet’s accesses for your child. Children use the app though their own Playground, which is personalised to them. The Playground interface is a child friendly and simplified one.

You can see what your child is doing online in the parental mode and you can block unsuitable and age inappropriate ads and content. There are games, including educational ones, that are individually rated, so you can choose which are suitable. Videos are also rated. You can set limits to how much time your child is allowed to spend on their tablet, as well as set individual educational goals and involve yourself in the learning process.