What is the “Worry-Free” Guarantee that can be Purchased for the Contixo Kids LA703?

GuaranteeThe Contixo Kids LA703 is available with a 1-year Worry-free Guarantee as an optional extra, so what is this.

Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. One of the biggest problems with children’s tablets is they are going to be used by children, which can result in an increased likelihood of damage to them (although, being honest, adults aren’t exactly known for not breaking their technology either).

Given that tablets are not exactly the cheapest things around, and that repairing them can also be pricey, having a guarantee in place to cover accidental damage, such as may be caused by dropping the Contixo (even with the silicone gel case) can certainly reduce your worry.

Should a child accidentally break their tablet within the one year period, Contixo say that, by returning it to them, they will either fix the tablet or replace it.