What is the Battery Life of the Dragon Touch Y88X?

BatteriesBattery life can be an important factor when choosing any sort of tablet. Tablets are intended to be used away from power sources, when they can’t be recharged. At home, where there is mains power, or in cars, with suitable power adapters, the battery life is not as important. It is when travelling away from these that it becomes more of a consideration.

Judging battery life for a tablet is a tricky matter, as it depends on what use is being made of the tablet. Some activities, such as playing games, will tend to use up more battery life than simply reading an ebook would. Having services such as WiFi turned on when they are not needed, or even usable, can also drain the battery faster.

The Dragon Touch Y88X has an estimated average battery life of 3 hours. This is generally below average for a tablet, and will limit its usefulness away from power sources.