What is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited on the All-New Fire 7 Kids?

Amazon FreeTimeThe All-New Fire 7 Kids comes with a year’s subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited included in the price, so just what is this feature?

FreeTime Unlimited is not available for all countries, only for customers from the US, UK and Germany. Once the free membership expires, a year’s pre-paid subscription can be purchased for, at the time of writing, $119 for the year. It will also work on other Android tablets and smartphones, not just suitable Fire and Kindle tablets. One month’s free trial is also available.

Child profiles for up to four children can be set up in FreeTime, allowing parents to control just what an individual child has access to. Using a child’s birthday ensures that available content is suited for their age. Parents can then add additional content that has been purchased to a child’s profile. The web browser allows children to access approved content. Content, both websites and purchased, can also be removed.

FreeTime has the parental controls built in, which allows a parent to set daily goals, bedtime curfews and time limits for each child’s profile. Time limits can be set as a total as well as subdivided into different categories as well, such as books, videos and apps. Content can also be blocked until daily educational goals are met.

FreeTime Unlimited also comes with actual content. Content is divided into different age categories, between the ages of 3 and 12. There are 13,000 kid-friendly TV shows, educational apps, kid-friendly books, games and movies available in FreeTime. As the Unlimited says, these can be used with no limits during the subscribed period.