Does the All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Have Any Educational Uses?

EducationEducational use is often stated as being the primary reason as to why parents buy children a tablet. Even when it may be secondary to entertainment uses such as games, it can still be helpful for children to be able to learn using their tablets. Although there are children’s tablets that are dedicated to educational uses, all tablets can be used for learning in some way, but some have this facility more integrated than others.

The All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition comes with a one year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited included in the purchase price (worth $119 at the time of writing). Included in the content from FreeTime is educational material from such as Disney, Nickelodeon and PBS Kids. Content available adjusts depending on the age range of the child in question.

Parents can also block access to the entertainment features of the tablet until defined educational goals are met, using the parental controls.

As well as the included content, parents can always download additional apps and material from the Amazon Appstore and add this content to a child’s profile.