Does the Sprout Channel Cubby Have a Memory Card Slot?

Memory Card SlotHow much can be stored on a tablet becomes increasingly important. Not only is there downloaded content to store, such as films, books and apps, but there is also user-generated content, in particular videos and photos. As the resolution of the built-in cameras improves, the amount of memory these photos and videos take up increases, meaning that more available memory is needed to store them.

Consequently, not only is the built-in memory of a tablet important, but so is the ability to expand this with memory cards. Memory cards are best suited for storing user created content, keeping it off the main tablet, as apps are often best stored in the internal memory.

The Sprout Channel Cubby does come with a memory card slot. This will take microSD cards up to 32 gigabytes (GB) in size, greatly expanding the available storage from the built-in 16 GB.