Does the All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Have WiFi?

WiFiOf all the options that a children’s tablet, or a tablet of any kind, can have, WiFi is the most essential. WiFi is needed to download content, watch and view material over the internet, visit websites and for any app that requires the internet in order to function.

The All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition naturally comes with WiFi as well as Bluetooth. The WiFi is essential for a number of things, although this doesn’t mean that the tablet won’t function at all without it, once it has been set up anyway. Content that has been downloaded onto the tablet and stored locally and apps that function without internet access will still work without WiFi. Streaming content, through sites such as Netflix, YouTube and content from Amazon FreeTime will still need internet access in order to be used. The increase in the number of WiFi hotspots, including ones built into cars, means that internet access is increasingly easier to get outside the home than it used to be.