What Cameras Does the nabi DreamTab Have?

Tablet CameraToday, cameras are an essential part of any tablet. They allow children to shoot their own pictures and videos, videochat, through approved methods, which enables them to keep in touch with distant family, and some games and educational content even use a tablet’s cameras.

Consequently, it’s good to know just what cameras a tablet has. The nabi DreamTab comes with two cameras. The front facing one has a resolution of 2.0 megapixels (MP). Not many tablets have better and, even in such cases, the difference tends to be marginal, and there are still more than a few tablets with worse resolutions for the front facing camera.

The rear facing camera has a resolution of 5.0 MP. This is at the very top end for children’s tablets currently; the vast majority of children’s tablets have a resolution of less than half that and there are only a few tablets with an equivalent level of resolution.

With such high resolutions, internal memory and memory cards are definitely important as well, as these resolutions will increase the file size of photos and videos which will therefore require more memory to store them.

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