LeapPad PlatinumOur Review of the LeapPad Platinum – One of LeapFrog’s range of educational tablets, the LeapPad Platinum excels at education and safety but is rather limited when it comes to other uses.




nabi 2SOur Review of the nabi 2S – Made by Fuhu as part of their nabi range of children’s tablets, the nabi 2S is a surprisingly powerful and full featured tablet for the price.





InnoTab MAXOur Review of the InnoTab MAX – A learning tablet manufactured by VTech, the InnoTab MAX is also an Android tablet with a case designed to be used by children.





Contixo Kids LA703Our Review of the Contixo Kids LA703 – The Contixo Kids LA703 is a comparatively powerful children’s tablets that comes with a huge range of protective bumpers.





iRulu BabyPad Y1Our Review of the iRulu BabyPad Y1 – The BabyPad Y1 is a low-lost starter tablet from iRulu more suited for use by younger children than by older ones.