Which is Better, the nabi Elev-8 or the Contixo LA703 Kids?

nabi Elev-8The nabi Elev-8 and the Contixo LA703 Kids are both Android tablets designed for children, so what are the differences between them? The Elev-8 is a larger tablet, having an 8″ touchscreen rather than the 7″ of the LA703. The screen resolution of the nabi tablet is greater, too, at 1280×800 pixels compared to the 1024×600 pixel resolution of the Contixo. Both tablets come with a protective bumper intended to reduce the chances of damage if it is dropped; the LA703’s comes in a wide range of colours and in two different styles whilst that of the Elev-8 is only available in nabi’s signature red.

Both tablets run Android with the Contixo running 4.4 KitKat whilst the nabi runs the newer 5.1 Lollipop. The Elev-8 also comes with nabi’s Blue Morpho OS overlay, an addition to the Android OS which adds a host of child-friendly features to it. Both tablets can access Google Play.

The Elev-8 has an octo core processor whilst that of the LA703 is only a quad core in comparison. The Elev-8 also comes with 32 gigabytes (GB) of internal memory, quadruple the 8 GB of the LA703. Each also has a memory card slot allowing the storage to be expanded through the use of memory cards up to 32 GB in size.

Both tablets have speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an integral microphone. The LA703 has a micro USB port for connecting to other devices and recharging and also has an AC port as an additional means of charging the tablet as well. The nabi only comes with the custom nabi Connector.

Each tablet has both a front facing and a rear facing camera. The front facing camera on the LA703 is 0.3 megapixels (MP) in resolution and the rear camera is 2.0 MP. In contrast, the front facing camera on the Elev-8 is 2.0 MP and the rear facing one 5.0 MP. Both tablets come with WiFi but the nabi also comes with Bluetooth, allowing it to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and Near Field Communication.

Each has parental controls with those on the LA703 provided through the Zoodles app and those on the Elev-8 provided through nabi themselves. The parental controls on the Elev-8 are probably superior and it also comes with more included educational material.

Technically, the Elev-8 is superior to the LA703 in almost every way. It has substantially more internal memory, far better cameras, a greater screen resolution and a faster processor. The LA703 does come with a standard micro USB port, rather than nabi’s custom one, the latter meaning that, should a cable be damaged, a new custom cable will need purchasing rather than using a standard micro USB cable. The guarantee on the Contixo tablet may also be better. The nabi Elev-8 is, though, generally a better tablet.